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Full wounded! 8 Wizards can not play, then the Lakers Kaman lay on the bench or reappear

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Speaking of the Washington Wizards, the record in recent years can be said to have plummeted. The previous few seasons can continue to enter the playoffs, and the Eastern Conference Atlanta Hawks played in the playoffs in multiple games in the playoffs. However, depending on the state and situation of the team today, completely reduced to a fish team. Erqi's bathroom slipped, causing the Achilles tendon to rupture, seriously hurting the team, both in terms of record and morale.

Only one-third of the game has been played in the current season. The Washington Wizards have reached the point of injury. On December 24th, Beijing time, the Washington Wizards will be visiting Madison Square to challenge another fish in the east. The team's New York Knicks, however, they are likely to lose tomorrow's game, because 8 people in the team can not play.

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