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Huizhou comic book collector Bai Ruiqiang: cultural self-confidence from comic books

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"Let the children fall in love with traditional Chinese comics and learn about China's history and culture is also a heritage of Chinese culture." On the evening of December 17, a sharing meeting was held at the Huizhou Shangzhenyuan Art Museum with the theme " "Viewing Cultural Confidence from Traditional Comics", lectured by Bai Ruiqiang, a comic-book collector.

Bai Ruiqiang is an enthusiast of Huizhou comic book collections. He has been dedicated to the collection, research, arrangement, protection and promotion of traditional Chinese comic books for many years. He is the initiator of the "Classic Everlasting" comic book on campus series, and actively advocates the use of comic books as a medium to allow the majority of readers to inherit the traditional Chinese culture, and to build cultural confidence and patriotic enthusiasm.

It is understood that this year, Bai Ruiqiang held six special comic book exhibitions in Huizhou, Heyuan and other places, and donated thousands of comic books to Huizhou Ciyun Library, Heyuan City Library, Zhongkai Library and schools for free.

At the event, Bai Ruiqiang shared his emotions and roused many guests. According to Bai Ruiqiang, during the prosperous period of comic strips, its educational and entertaining style has become an important reading for many young people and even adults. Due to the various artistic expressions of comics, the subject matter has the characteristics of traditional Chinese culture and certain historical periods, which makes it very different from comics in other countries and has its own unique artistic expression.

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