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Weather forecast and the impact of weather and climate on fishing

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Impact of climate on fishing

All year round, in the motherland, wherever there is fish and water, there are fishermen; no matter how high the mountains are, the roads are sunny or rainy, countless fishermen still sit and fish by the water. This shows how attractive the fishing activity is. So what kind of influence does the change in weather and weather have on fishing?

The meteorology mentioned is nothing more than changes in weather, rain, thunder and lightning, atmospheric pressure, air humidity, and foggy weather. These changes will directly affect the fish's daily life and have a great impact on fishing activities. When we go fishing, we often watch the weather forecast, we watch the clouds, we watch the underwater rods. The weather changes have a great impact on the fish's activities and foraging rules. As the saying goes: "Clouds go east, it's empty; clouds go south, it's raining." It seems that the predecessors have long had the experience of fishing and watching the sky. For this reason, it is very important to check the weather forecast before fishing.

The most important factors that affect the fish's activity are the changes throughout the year, and the temperature of the water, whether the water rises or falls, the size of the wind, the pressure of the air, and so on. It is essential to watch the weather forecast before fishing. Only by knowing the weather forecast can we know what to do when fishing.

Generally speaking, spring and autumn are the most suitable for fishing activities; winter is the off-season for fishing, but it is not impossible to catch fish. In the early spring, the weather gradually warms, the water temperature rises, and the fish hiding in the winter begin to move. They hunt for food and reserve for the spring breeding. However, at this time, the fish generally move in the noon and the warmer deep waters. Experience Rich fishermen will choose the bottom of deepwater fishing. As the weather gradually warmed, the fish began to move on the shoals near the water plants and reeds. At this time, the shoals were the best fishing spots.

There is a lot of rain in summer, and it is often accompanied by thunder and lightning activities. At this time, it is not easy to go fishing during a thunderstorm. The rain is sunny and the air is fresh. In calm mornings and evenings, and at night, it is a good time to fish. At this time, the weather is suitable. The washing of the rain brings food to the fish in the water. The fish's range of activity increases, and they generally swim to the shore. If the sun is strong in the summer, the water temperature is slightly higher, and there are more natural bait in the water, this is the development period of small fish. During this time, it is difficult to catch big fish, so we choose to fish in the morning and evening, especially no fish at night.

As autumn arrives, the temperature gradually cools down, and the water temperature changes from the upper layer to the cooler and lower layers. At this time, the air pressure becomes higher and no longer sultry like summer. At this time, the fish begin to swim to the bottom. At this time, fishing in deep water is the right choice. By noon, the water temperature rises with the sun coming out of the shoal, and the fish swim to the shoal for food. At this time, the fishing position is changed, the shoal is caught, and the fish is reserved for the winter in autumn. The general food is relatively large, which is also good for fishing. opportunity.

In winter, the water is cold and the grasses have withered, and the fish activity has decreased. Generally, they are hiding in deep waters and are not very active. However, as the water temperature rises on continuous sunny days, the fish will swim to the deep water activities of Xiangyang for food. At this time, there will be mouth for fishing.

Impact of Rainy and Sunny Day on Fishing

The weather is sunny, generally hot at noon in summer, and colder in the morning and evening in winter, it is not easy to go fishing. Other times are ideal for fishing. If it is rainy weather, except for winter morning and evening, fishing is also suitable for other time periods. In summer, it is good to fish after showers, but after heavy rain and rain, the water is generally cloudy, which is not conducive to fishing.

Influence of wind direction and wind speed on fishing

Generally, northerly, easterly, and southerly winds below level 3 are good for fishing in spring, summer, and autumn. However, if the southerly and southwesterly winds are not good for fishing, in winter, the northerly and westerly winds are common. Not conducive to fishing. In addition, no matter what the wind direction, as long as the wind reaches five or more levels, fishing must be stopped.

Air pressure is essential for fishing

When the air pressure is high and low, the air pressure directly affects the fish's activities. When the air pressure rises, the oxygen content in the water increases, the fish breathes smoothly, and the range of motion becomes larger. When the air pressure is low, the oxygen in the water decreases, and the fish feels stuffy. At this time, it floats up and baits unintentionally.

Impact of thunder and lightning weather on fish

Fishes like to be quiet and afraid of noise. The huge sound and vibration of thunder and lightning will scare the fish and inadvertently eat bait. The fish will hide in deep water at this time and lurk unmoved.

Below is a summary of those weather that is not easy to fish

Sultry weather before a thunderstorm.

Under the extreme heat.

The temperature plummeted.

Foggy weather.

Gale and rainy weather.

When the air pressure is low.

Northwest wind in spring, southeast wind in summer, east wind and south wind.

Northwesterly winds fall.

Rain and snow in winter and cloudy.

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