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Zhao Huafen led cadres and staff of the CPPCC to visit the poor families

Information source: kqxRWYjJnZ

On the afternoon of December 22, Zhao Huafen, chairman of the CPPCC of Luliang County, led 25 staff and workers of the CPPCC organs with love gifts to visit the poor households of Yubu Village Committee.

A total of 25 cadres and staff of the CPPCC organs assisted 52 poor people in Yubu Village Committee of Fanghua Town. Through in-depth understanding of the situation in the homes of poor households, discussions, and practical help to solve difficulties and problems, the cadres have established good friendship with the people in need!

During the visit, while further improving the relevant information of the poor households, the linked cadres also sent their love to the poor households themselves. Everyone sent materials such as sesame oil, rice, cotton blankets, quilts, and warm clothes for the poor households. Each household sent them together, shaking hands again and again, and thanking each other so that the hearts of the cadres and the people in need could get closer. It also warms the hearts of the poor and strengthens them as soon as possible.

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