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The beautiful dog walking team warms the CBD Wang Xingren team love relay

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On December 17, the beautiful dog walking group raided the CBD of World Trade Center and Kerry Center to give a warm welcome to the busy white-collar workers. Recently, the Wang Xingren team recruited to the community, hoping that more ordinary pet friends can join this rank.

Every time the trip of the beautiful dog walking group will be accompanied by a new topic, in this dog walking flash action, the dogs are carefully dressed up to celebrate the festival with the owners. In the Christmas reunion festival, the company of Wang Xingren also added countless joys and warmth to the entire family. All pet friends will regard their dog as a precious fate arranged by God, and make their own lives. Become richer and more complete. My lady Tang said: "The average life expectancy of a dog is only 15 years. This period of time is a gift from heaven to me. I am very grateful for its company. I only gave it food and clothing, but it gave me food. Everything it has. "It is worth mentioning that when the dog walker passed the World Trade Organization, she encountered an old grandmother who walked with her dog. She learned about the original intention of" Wang Xingren Siege Ji ", I strongly support such activities and hope that such caring actions will be passed on to the citizens.

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