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After pension and annuity insurance, more people choose to increase their lifetime! Asset configuration opens correctly

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Huang Yaoshi is handsome / article (original 2)

If the ability to create wealth has been tested in the past few decades, and as the age of high net worth individuals has gradually increased, the wisdom of asset preservation and inheritance of wealth has been tested in the coming decades. Find four answers:

1. How to ensure asset security?

2. How to prevent the devaluation of wealth?

3. How to avoid debt tax risks?

4. How to meet the succession planning? The order of the current beneficiary, the beneficiary of death, and the beneficiary may be agreed, and the instalment rules for beneficiaries may be stipulated through the handling of a trust: "benefit instalment preservation project".

For example, Mr. Su Ziwang is the owner of the infrastructure. He is 40 years old. After working hard, he has 50 million financial assets and total assets of more than 200 million. He has two underage children, a son and a daughter. Mr. Wang is currently considering:

1. I want to prepare 10 million funds for each child for future life and business use;

2. Worried about the child's splurge, hope that they still have control over the funds;

3. At present, the enterprise may still occasionally need working capital, so it is necessary to use the above funds when needed;

4. The three children have very different personalities. Mr. Hua is worried that there will be inheritance disputes between the children after one hundred years.

5. In the future, the children will marry and worry about being unscrupulous with others, so as to prevent the fat from flowing into outsiders' fields.

We recommend a solution for increasing the lifetime of Mr. Wang. As an insurer, Mr. Wang insured 10 million yuan for his son, 1 million yuan for his girlfriend, 10 million yuan for 10 years, and a total of 20 million premiums. For life, the beneficiaries are Mr. Wang and Mrs. Wang, and let his wife be the second insured person. When the child becomes an adult, the second insured person becomes the child and the beneficiary becomes the grandchildren.

This is successfully achieved:

1. Mr. Wang still had complete control over the insurance policy during his lifetime, but locked the direction of asset flow in advance;

2. Mr. Wang has the right to pledge financing of the policy, and the current price of the year when he paid a policy is close to the premium paid, which does not affect the cash flow and has protection. It is also convenient to reduce the insurance and obtain a policy loan;

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