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Sima Yan treated the Cao family after the usurpation, how Liu Yu treated the Sima family after the usurpation

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Sima Yan usurped the Cao and Wei regime and established the Western Jin Dynasty. He also named Cao Yu, the deceased king, as the king of Liu Liu, and he was eaten by many households. He was allowed to practice Wei Zhengzheng in the fiefdoms. Rites and music continued to exercise the Wei state system, while enjoying the letter There is no special treatment such as being subject to court, or being subject to exile.

In 420 AD, Liu Yu seized the power of Emperor Jin Gong Sima Dewen and established the Liu Song Dynasty. So, how did he treat the Sima family of the imperial kingdom?

(Liu Yu)

The Eastern Jin Dynasty is the world of the clan, but the grass-roots Liu Yu, with his outstanding military capabilities and political vision, simply started from a small soldier and counterattacked the Eastern Jin Dynasty's power.

The reason Liu Yu could get a counterattack is that on the one hand, Emperor Jin'an was an idiot who didn't know winter and summer, and thus formed a chaotic situation of "general independence and power ministers", which means that the imperial power has no prestige; On the one hand, civil strife was frequent at that time, and the national situation was at stake.

The so-called heroes in troubled times probably refer to people like Liu Yu who can seize opportunities and have great ability.

Not only will Liu Yu run the army, he will also calm the hearts of the people, so he has a good reputation and many people support him.

After appreciating his military merits, Liu Yu calmed down Xuan Xuan and returned to Emperor Jin'an. He was named King of Song because of his gratitude to the imperial court, enjoying Jixi special gift. The status of the court is more than one person and more than 10,000 people.

Powerful Liu Yu, of course, was unwilling to be driven by the fool Jin Andi, so he killed Jin Andi. Surprisingly, he did not usurp, but instead supported Sima Dewen, Jin's younger brother.

Doesn't Liu Yu want to be emperor? Think, think too much. However, at that time, there was a picture of "the second emperor after Changming (Emperor Emperor Xiaoxiao of Jin Dynasty)". Superstitious, he had to establish Sima Dewen after killing Emperor Jin'an.

Now that there are two emperors, Liu Yu, who wants to become emperor, can't wait to write his Zen concubine and let Sima Dewen write it.

(Sima Devon)

Sima Dewen is a smart man, knowing that he is a puppet emperor, so he cooperates with Liu Yu. He also told his confidantes that when Liu Xuan usurped the country, the country was gone. It was Liu Yu who continued his national life for many years. Now he gave up the emperor's Zen, and I was willing.

Later, Liu Yu finally got to the throne as he wished. He imitated Sima Yan, sealed Sima Dewen as the Lingling King, and let him live in the land. At the same time, he said that "Zhengshuo, driving, clothes, etc." are based on the Jin Dynasty system .

Then, did Sima Dewen spend his old age like Emperor Han Xian and Cao Yu?

not at all. When he set off for the fiefdom, Liu Yu sent general Liu Zunkao and led troops to his fiefdom. Why? The only purpose is to stare at his every move and never allow him a chance to rebel.

Sima Dewen's days in the fiefdom were also very embarrassing. In order to please Liu Yu, his wife and concubine often went to his house to monitor his every move. Queen Chu gave birth to a son, and Liu Yu ordered them to kill him.

Liu Yu not only refused Sima Dewen, but also wanted to take Sima Dewen's life. However, Sima Dewen was on the alert, and all diet was done by Queen Chu himself, so Liu Yu could not succeed. Later the brothers of the Chu family tricked the queen Chu away. Immediately after entering the room, Sima Dewen was taken to death.

Later, Liu Yu with stable government ordered: Kill the Sima family!

Suddenly, the Sima family suffered unprecedented blood and rain.

(Kill the Sima family)

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