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Who is the most miserable person in "Lang Yao Bang", not Xiao Jingrui, but the emperor's favorite

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Who is the most miserable person in "Lang Yao Bang", not Xiao Jingrui, but the emperor's favorite!

The biggest charm of "Langyabang" is that each character has its own complex side, such as Xiao Jingrui. On the surface, his family is prominent, one pair of parents are first-class military officers and long princess, and the other pair of parents is Tianquan Villa The couple of landlords and the big names on the Langya Masters list are destined to be a nobleman who grew up with a golden spoon. But in fact?

Xiao Jingrui was most pitiful. When he was born, Princess Yang Yang and the wife of Zhuo Dingfeng, the owner of Tianquan Mountain Villa, lived together and gave birth at the same time. Because of accidentally confusing the two babies, their identity could not be distinguished, and one of them was violent the next day. Therefore, Xiao Jingrui lived in Xie's house for one year, and stayed in Zhuo's house for one year. But Xiao Jingrui's true biological father was neither Xie Yu nor Zhuo Dingfeng, but Nan Chusheng and Wang Yuwenlin.

At Xiao Jingrui's birthday banquet, his close friend Mei Changsu brutally unveiled his life in order to bring down Xie Yu. Moreover, Xie Zhuo was originally a friend and his family, and for a while they became uncommon. Xiao Jingrui was born as a target of Xie Yu's assassination since he was born. Xiao Jingrui didn't know why!

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