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Tesla Cyberbert's Camping Features Conceive Multifunctional Set

Information source: HgCbjZXd

[Pacific Car Network New Car Channel] According to overseas media reports, Tesla CEO Musk mentioned on his social media the idea of the Tesla Pickup Cyberbertuck camping function. According to Musk, Cyberbertuck may have heating and cooling Bed, but at present the idea has no specific landing date.

Cybertruck camper renderings

Not long ago, Tesla revealed a rendering of Cyberbertuck as a camper. From the picture, we can see that the car's cargo box can be turned into a tent. The rear of the car also has a stove and other designs, showing the functionality of Cyberbertuck. Side.


Regarding the idea of Cybertuck as a camper, although Musk gave his own statement, he did not give a clear landing time and plan for the idea, and whether the plan will finally land is still unknown. (Text: Yang Gaoyu, Pacific Automotive Network)

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