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Tang Taizong is really interesting (8) Twenty-four heroes reward and select talents for Datang

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Let ’s take a look at how Li Shimin, as the president of Datang, built Li Shimin ’s enterprise management system. I heard that those who have found out, hijacked, insinuated, and opened the door. I heard that Li Shimin seriously implemented the law and was fair. After the fair story, they all switched to sleep.

Li Shimin's strong camps include: Fang Xuanling, Du Ruwen, Long Sun Wuji, Wei Zheng, Wei Chi Jingde, Li Xiaogong, Gao Shilian, Li Jing, Xiao Yan, Duan Zhixuan, Liu Hongji, Qu Tutong, Yin Kaishan, Chai Shao, Long Sun Shunde, Zhang Liang, Hou Junji, Zhang Gongjin, Cheng Zhijie, Yu Shinan, Liu Zhenghui, Tang Jian, Li Ji, and Qin Shubao.

The characters in the above list are not fuel-saving lamps. Everyone is not making cakes in sticks, but serious materials, as evidenced by poetry.

Why do n’t men bring Wu Gou,

Collected Guanshan fifty states.

Please come to Lingyan Pavilion temporarily,

What if a scholar is a householder?

Li Shimin yelled, "Look at the next two decades, it will be a prosperous world."

Yes, looking at Li Shimin's prediction in two words is self-confidence.

Use four words to evaluate, that is confidence bursting.

What's missing from the management industry? It's the talents. It's the talents who can be recruited to fight good wars and run the country. The twenty-four people have obviously passed Li Shimin's comprehensive test and ultimate assessment.

If excavation is a weapon, then knowing people is a top-level weapon. Li Shimin is the best at knowing people. First of all, Li Shimin knows that his wife's elder brother Sun Wuji is very capable and does not rank in Li Shimin's mind. In the first place, there is no reason. Even under Li Shimin's Majesty, everyone is a leek in a wheat field. It is difficult to tell the difference between good and bad, and it does not affect Li Shimin's judgment.

In the Li Shimin family company, as long as they have the ability of their family members, they are ranked first in front of others. They are meritocratic and honourable, and the grandson Wuji takes the two. Therefore, the grandson Wuji should be the first contributor.

The grandson Wuji, who was born in Luoyang, Henan, and Li Shimin was named Zhao Guogong after taking office. The main achievements are: participating in the transformation of the Xuanwu Gate and helping Li Shimin to win the throne; he is Li Shimin's most trusted, firmest, purest and most appreciated supporter.

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