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Not only the full range of intelligent manufacturing, all the industrial all-in-one solutions you want

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Due to market development and diversity changes, in many fields, a single hardware device transaction can no longer meet the user's use needs, and the solution's position in the market is becoming increasingly important. The solution, as its name implies, covers everything from the market to the user. The generation process can be roughly divided into: identifying the problem object and the scope of impact → analyzing the problem → proposing solutions and suggestions for the problem → cost planning and feasibility analysis → execution → follow-up And interactive corrections → summary.

Well, the same is true for the touch display device industry. In the context of China's industrial transformation, the general trend of domestic industries focusing on intelligent manufacturing is in full swing. Because of the rapid development of the industry, the demand for complete solutions is even greater. As a powerful manufacturer specializing in industrial intelligent automation touch display devices, Touchmag has not only a rich product line, but also has created a series of solutions based on intelligent intelligence, which really helps users solve their pain points.

Intelligent Manufacturing Solution

In the automation equipment industry, At present, Imagine already has a series of complete solutions such as intelligent workshops, industrial robots, CNC machine tools, mobile robots, and smart logistics, as well as providing complete solutions for industrial fields such as packaging machine vision inspection equipment and food processing equipment. Rich experience to help users effectively monitor the health of equipment and core components, and perform fault diagnosis and pre-maintenance.

At the same time, smart logistics is an important part of industrial automation. We already have many innovative solutions such as AGV machine automation, e-commerce AGV control solutions, and logistics cross-belt sorting. They are designed to help the logistics industry change and make China's express delivery efficiency more efficient.

IoT solutions

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