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鄞 Enterprise won the "Top Growth Potential Overseas Student Entrepreneurship Enterprise" in 2019

Information source: HgCbjZXd

At the opening ceremony of the 2019 China Overseas Talents Exchange Conference and the 21st Guangzhou Science and Technology Exchange Conference for Chinese Overseas Students, Ningbo Zhongwu Rio Tinto Micro Materials Co., Ltd. and 13 companies across the country were selected as the "most promising overseas entrepreneurial enterprises for overseas students" in 2019 ", Becoming the only selected innovative enterprise in Zhejiang Province.

Ningbo Zhongwu Rio Tinto Advanced Micro Materials Co., Ltd. was established in November 2013 with the Technology Transfer Center of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics. It is a professional set of cutting-edge metal atomizing powder complete sets of equipment, various types of ultra-micro metal powders and high-speed Laser cladding equipment and ultra-high-speed spray equipment are a national high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. Since it settled in Luzhou, Sinomart Rio has been selected into the "Entrepreneurship Pizhou · Elite Leadership Plan" and the Ningbo "3315 Plan" entrepreneurial team, bringing together a group of experts with powder metallurgy product development technology. Under the research of the company's talent team, a complete industrial chain in the field of ultra-fine metal new materials manufacturing with high-speed laser cladding and metal 3D printing as the supplementary business structure has been established. The direct yield, spherical rate, A number of technical indicators such as oxygen content have broken foreign technology monopolies.

In recent years, Luzhou has continuously optimized the policy and service environment. Through the introduction of 22 new policies for talents, it has increased the support for entrepreneurship and innovation of returnees studying abroad, and provided a package of services such as project funding, venture capital matching, and supporting support. Introducing more than 2,000 overseas high-level talents, and supporting nearly 200 entrepreneurial and innovative projects in new materials, intelligent manufacturing and other fields, forming a high-speed engine for talents to lead industry development.

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