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Lakers' last hope! James thick eyebrows have been injured one after another, and he can only rely on him to save the Lakers

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The Lakers have the potential to win, but two issues need to be addressed:

1. How can they play a game where dual cores cannot be played at the same time?

2. Would Vogel's paranoia hurt the Lakers?

LeBron missed the first game due to injury, and the Lakers lost to the Western Conference Nuggets, who lost four games to them.

This should have been the battle of thick eyebrows. The Pelicans had many years of career. From the rookie who couldn't grab the best rookie, he stepped up to the All-Star, double-stroke, mvp candidate.

Even so, the thick eyebrows are still an out-of-the-box leader. It cannot be denied that the Pelicans have been effective in sweeping the Blazers, but everyone knows that the Blazers' strength has been undulating, and Master Holedi played. Probably the best season of his career, with Rondo stepping through the Trail Blazers' three-second zone.

Davis may not be a good big boss. He can be the best deputy in the league next to LeBron, but when he needs to be on his own, he can't lead the team to another step towards the championship. Even though he was injured by 30 + 10 today, in the first game where LeBron was absent, the entire Lakers seemed to have no backbone, no routine on the offensive end, and a mess on the defensive end.

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