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Shangqiu Liangyuan Qianjin Elementary School held a queue formation and broadcasting exercise competition for "Sunshine Youth Exhibition Style Harmonious Campus True Lemei"

Information source: HgCbjZXd

[Zhongyuan Economic Network News] (Henan Economic News reporter Diao Jingxian trainee reporter Chen Chen correspondent Chen Haiyan) In order to strengthen the construction of campus culture, activate the stylistic life of students throughout the school, strengthen the student's physique, improve the student queue awareness, and cultivate the teamwork spirit of students' unity. Recently, Qianqiang Elementary School in Liangyuan District, Shangqiu City has held a queue formation and broadcasting exercise competition for "Sunshine Youth Exhibition Style Harmonious Campus True Lemei".

In order to meet this competition, each class makes full use of the physical education class, big class, and extra-curricular time. They are not afraid of the cold winter and take every bit of time for training. The competition was followed by demonstrations of walking in steps, standing up, taking a break, turning around, broadcasting exercises, and so on. Starting from the first-year classmates, although they are young and lack of experience in the field, they still play hard and play their best. Every childish face is full of effort and focus.

During the competition, the students in each class were full of energy, fighting spirit, compact queues, neat steps, slogans, rapid and orderly formation changes, powerful and neat movements, fully showing that the students who moved forward were as active as the rising sun. In order to improve the spirit of vitality and vitality that primary school students should have, they won unanimous praise from teachers and classmates present.

This competition not only improved the overall quality of the students 'formation queue, but also shaped the students' spirit, energy, and spirit. At the same time, it strengthened the cohesion of the class, so that students understood the importance of teamwork and strict discipline, and also improved The teacher's sense of teaching responsibility has laid a good foundation for a truly beautiful and harmonious campus!

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