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The strongest domestic SUV! 2020 models, these three models have earned

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Just like the actor Oscar's coveted Oscar, it is definitely a big news that domestic cars can be shortlisted for the Xuanyuan Awards. This award is based on innovation, mobility and contribution to the automotive industry to select the top ten cars of the year, and is the annual weight award of the automotive industry.

This year's list of winners has been announced. They are (in no particular order): Weilai ES6, Collar 03+, Aion LX, Geely Xingyue PHEV, Changan CS75 PLUS, Red Flag HS5, Audi e-tron, New BMW 3 Series, Jetta VS5 and New Baojun RM-5.

Next, we selected 3 SUVs to introduce to you, and see why they were selected? Responsibly speaking, it is absolutely profitable to buy!

Geely Starcross PHEV

Price after subsidy: 188,88-21,800 yuan

This car embodies advanced design concepts and car manufacturing technology, which well balances the multi-dimensional product experience such as power, fuel consumption and comfort, and has become the benchmark for the autonomous coupe SUV market.

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