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Wang Baoqiang's comedy image, Wu Jing's tough guy image

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The glory of the performing arts industry is brought together by many actors of different interpretation styles. It is so-called that everyone has a firewood; the performance style of each actor has its own characteristics and advantages.

Some actors' interpretation styles tend to be humorous, and most of the styles shown in film and television dramas are mainly humorous and funny. For example, Wang Baoqiang belongs to the humorous and funny school. The theme styles of most of the film and television dramas he starred in are humorous and funny.

Wang Baoqiang struck back from the grass roots and became a front-line popular actor. After two comedy films, "People are on the Road" and "Taiwan on the Road", Wang Baoqiang found his own comedy style, especially in "Detective in Chinatown" In the film series, Wang Baoqiang's performance even made his comedy style more prominent. Wang Baoqiang's comedy style belongs to that kind of external exaggeration. Let's take a closer look. Wang Baoqiang's comedy style is performing in accordance with his own unique style of interpretation, especially in the "Chinatown Detective" series of films. Without Wang Baoqiang's comedic performance, this movie is estimated to feel a lot worse Right. Wang Baoqiang's appearance revealed a comedy taste, stupid, dull, which laid a very good appearance foundation for his role in comedy. Wang Baoqiang's smile was full of comedy, eyes, teeth, The expressions on the face are very harmonious, as if it is tailored for comedy, it makes people look, and the subconscious can't help but laugh, this is also the unique interpretation style of Wang Baoqiang, unique, others are imitated Not coming. Some netizens commented: Wang Baoqiang was full of funny comedy art cells. His laugh, his cry, his walking posture, and even his talking voice were full of comedy.

Wu Jing's deductive style tends to be martial arts action movies. Presumably everyone has seen a lot of Wu Jing's film and television works. Most of the TV dramas and movies shot by Wu Jing are basically related to martial arts movements. Moreover, Wu Jing has won the national martial arts competition elite gun shooting, Duel Championship. People themselves are very professional in kung fu action. Wu Jing also loves kung fu action movies very much. He has invested a lot of energy in martial art kung fu action movies and is very dedicated. At the same time, he has continuously improved his skill in martial arts. . Created Wu Jing's brilliant achievements in kung fu action movies.

As a representative of the tough guy on the screen, Wu Jing has an iron-bone style in every action and every word in the martial arts action film and television drama. Especially when fighting against his opponent in the martial arts action film, Wu Jing is agile. The action is firm and beautiful, and the expression is rich and changeable. Wu Jing ’s expression is also gradually changing with the fighting process. The expression is completely integrated with the fighting action and the force used. This is often the essence of all martial arts action movies. Sometimes we watch the film and television drama and become absorbed in it. Impressive, is deeply attracted by this perfect picture, so-called: fascinating. This perfect lens made Wu Jing's classics one after another. Reveal the unique male beauty of tough guys. Wu Jing is also a very dedicated actor. He loves his film and television career very much. During the filming process, he is more realistic about every action detail. Sometimes he has to practice a lot of actions until it is perfect. This is what made him perfect. The martial arts action movie is an indispensable factor for success. I really like Wu Jing's tough guy interpretation style. A "Wolf War" pushes Wu Jing's interpretation career to the peak.

I think these two outstanding actors have very good acting skills, each with its own characteristics. Wang Baoqiang's comedy film and television brought us joy, and Wu Jing's martial arts action drama shocked us.

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