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Three representative projects based on graphene ecology

Source: GrXpMwRg

The three representative projects based on the graphene ecology are BTS, Steem, and EOS. Their founders are all wayward and talented BMs-the only person in the world who can continuously develop 3 blockchains for decentralization Network people.

I. BitShares (BTS for short)

It is an open source commercial system based on blockchain technology. It was developed by 3I and combines a decentralized global payment system (such as Alipay), a decentralized digital currency exchange, and a decentralized stock exchange ( (Such as NASDAQ). It is also an exchange that does not have the risk of hot wallet theft, does not print white bars to issue counterfeit coins, and does not have the potential to do evil. It is an Alipay with no daily limit. Its handling fee is as low as almost zero. It only needs tens of thousands of dollars in basic security maintenance costs every year, and the transaction records cannot be tracked and monitored by anyone. The BitShares software downloaded from the official website is a decentralized exchange. People call it the BitShares internal disk.


Steem is a decentralized social network platform based on blockchain technology. In Steemit, participants can receive rewards in the form of digital currencies. The so-called participation refers to posting, replying, discussing, liking and so on Steem. The higher the quality of your posts and the more likes, the higher the rewards you receive. Steem's articles are diverse, and authors from various fields and countries share them here and get rewards. Steem is not perfect. It also has the following problems:

One is the poor website experience, such as typography, fonts, and so on. Another thing is that the editor is not good enough, of course, there are better busy.org that can be used instead.

The second is that there is no official mobile terminal. As a content platform, the mobile terminal is essential.

Third, the large households are too concentrated, which makes it difficult for ordinary small shrimp to have higher returns.

Fourth, the authors with more rewards on Steem have published more articles. Steem publishes articles, the quality of which is only one, the network effect of the article and the number of articles are the key. In this case, Steem's high quality precipitation is actually a problem.

Third, EOS

EOS is a blockchain operating system, which provides databases, account permissions, scheduling, authentication, and Internet application communication, which greatly improves the efficiency of smart business development. It uses parallel computing to expand the blockchain to millions. Users and millions of transactions per second are possible. The resulting technology is a blockchain architecture that has the potential to scale to millions of transactions per second, eliminate user fees, and allow fast and easy deployment of distributed applications.

1. EOS's DPOS consensus algorithm and graphene underlying tool set can meet the enterprise-level application requirements of tens of thousands of transactions per second, or even millions of transaction requests per second. This makes it possible to build a dapp on its centralized copy.

2. EOS is not a public chain. It is a blockchain infrastructure. Similar to the Windows operating system, developers can freely create their own public chains on the EOS architecture.

3. Transferring transactions and running smart contracts on EOS does not require the consumption of EOS system tokens. In the EOS system, there are three major types of resources consumed by applications: bandwidth and log storage (disk), calculation and calculation backlog (CPU), and state memory (RAM). These resources are allocated according to the amount of EOS held by the account, which is also the source of value of the EOS system tokens.

4. EOS is the first blockchain with its own constitution. The binding contract established by EOS (called the EOS “Constitution”) defines the obligations between users that cannot be fully executed by code alone. It also defines the human-readable intent of the source code agreement. When a system error occurs, human-readable Sexual intent can be used to distinguish whether this error is indeed a bug and to determine if the community's fixes are appropriate. When the system faces a loophole, block producers can also speed up changing binding contracts.

5. The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) set by EOS can support existing smart contracts running on Ethereum. The blockchain applications that currently exist on Ethereum can be run on the EOS system by adding a small amount of adaptation.

Daniel Larimer (BM) led the Cryptonomex company's team to build a graphene blockchain underlying technology architecture. Based on this architecture, Bitshares, Steem, EOS and other projects with far-reaching impact have been developed. Famous blockchain projects developed based on this architecture include Zoomlion Automotive Chain, Gongxinbao, Karma, Payger, ECHO, SEER, etc. Perhaps, as the blockchain technology is gradually accepted by the general public, there will be more and more applications with graphene technology as the underlying technology support.

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