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How much should a newborn baby hug? Or lie down?

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My friend is so happy recently that the whole family is very happy. However, a friend complained that her mother-in-law would hold the child in her arms whether she was asleep or awake. There are relatives at home to see the children. When I see my grandmother always holding the child, I will persuade you not to hold the child often, so as not to form a habit.

But grandma said that the child likes to hold and is uncomfortable lying down. Old people bring baby, some old ideas will inevitably conflict with the new mother. The older generation has the habit of the older generation. They feel that they have raised their own children and experience better than you.

However, the parenting concept in the new era often conflicts with the older generation, and contradictions will occur if it is not handled properly. Here is an analysis for everyone. Is it better to lie down or hug the newborn?

For multi-hug or multi-lying, it is more important for multi-interaction. The newborn baby sleeps very long, about 18-20 hours. Therefore, adults do not need to hold them when their baby is asleep. Always holding on to the growth of your baby's bones.

It is best for babies under 3 months to lie on their backs and sleep. Because the bones of the child at this stage have not yet been developed, the cervical spine and spine are very soft and often held. The spine is always in a curved shape. Over time, it is not good for the child's bone growth.

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