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What day is Christmas in 2019? What day is Christmas time?

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You may not be unfamiliar with Christmas, because every Christmas, everyone receives some gifts, so what day is Christmas in 2019? What does Christmas mean? How to write Christmas in English? I compiled information about Christmas for you. If you are interested, just look down.

What day is Christmas in 2019?

Christmas 2019 is Wednesday, December 25th, the 30th day of the winter lunar month

What day is Christmas in 2019

What day of the week is christmas time

Christmas 2019 is Wednesday.

Christmas English: Christmas Day


What is christmas

Christmas (Christmas), also known as Christmas, Jesus' birthday, traditional Western holiday, is on December 25 each year. Christmas is a religious festival because it is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus, hence the name "Christmas".

Christmas is also a public holiday in the Western World and many other regions, such as Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia and Singapore in Asia. The ancient Roman church became accustomed to celebrating the birth of the Lord on December 25th in Constantine's time (313 AD).

Christmas customs

Christmas is especially prominent in China. The Chinese have integrated Christmas organically with local customs in China, and their development has become increasingly mature. Eating apples, bringing Christmas hats, sending Christmas cards, participating in Christmas parties, Christmas shopping, etc. have become part of Chinese life.

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