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2% of young people have osteoporosis: Calcium supplements are not as good as "jump"

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Under 30 years of age, 30.2% of people have back pain, 19.3% of people have limb weakness all the year round, and more than 2.0% of people suffer from osteoporosis-a report on the "Chinese osteoporosis investigation report" showed improper Lifestyle, so that young people who should be strong and suffering from this geriatric disease. Calcium supplementation, exercise therapy, and diet regulation are the three main principles for preventing osteoporosis. So, is there a simple exercise method to prevent osteoporosis?

All sports related to jumping are the best bone strengthening exercises. When you are young, you consciously do more jumping exercises and persist for a long time, which can effectively prevent osteoporosis. Jumping is very easy to do. Just look for a flat place, jump on both feet, and jump up and down 50 times a day. Rope skipping and less intense dance are also good choices.

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