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One of the most popular units in the Gundam series, see how big guys express this "artwork"

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What I bring to you today is one of the most popular organisms in our seed. Freedom Gundam. The author has greatly added his own ideas to this work. It can be said that it is an excellent creative work! Not much to say, let's look at the picture together

First of all, in terms of color, the author chose a lighter blue color than the original color, and transformed the whole into a tone closer to the sky. The effect can be said to be great! Do you see this color match in front of you?

The details of the body are even more modified. The first is the addition of shoulder parts to make the overall effect fuller. In order to match the shoulder reconstruction, the author also added rubber plates to the chest and back to allow the entire body torso. A lot of parts are strong, handsome is done!

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