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For nine cold days, I love this bowl for breakfast. It is sweet and soft, and my stomach is comfortable and my hands and feet are not cold.

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For nine cold days, I love this bowl for breakfast. It is sweet and soft, and my stomach is comfortable and my hands and feet are not cold.

The winter solstice has passed, and it has entered a few cold days. The northern part of the country is cold and snowy, and the weather is cold. You must be fully armed every time you go out. You must wear all down jackets, gloves, and autumn clothes and trousers. Not admitting it may be because I am old.

So for the past few days, I started to cook this bowl of brown sugar buns again. I added brown sugar and ginger slices. I felt a small stove in my belly, and it was immediately warm. The tradition of our older generation is good. In every season, we have to eat anything. In winter, brown sugar, wine, marmalade, ginger, etc. have a good warming effect, can promote blood circulation, enhance resistance, naturally not Fear of cold.

When it comes to small round rice, usually everyone uses glutinous rice flour and water to make noodles. I recently like to use steamed taro and cassava flour to make it, so-called taro round. Make more, freeze it in the refrigerator, and take 10 minutes to get up early. You can cook it with sweet potatoes, apples, pumpkins and other ingredients to enrich the nutrition.

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