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Judge owes money for renting cranes, doesn't return judge

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"Judge, thank you for your busy schedule to settle the dispute for us. We have received the arrears. Today, we specially sent a pennant to the court to express our gratitude." Recently, the parties to a case came to Shigezhuang Court of Baodi Court and presented a pennant to the contractor.

The story begins on April 7 this year. A plaintiff Tianjin leasing company signed a mechanical equipment lease contract with the defendant Jiangxi Yixing Foundation Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the foundation company), and agreed that the leasing company would provide cranes for the construction site for a road and bridge project in Baodi District contracted by the foundation company. After the lease ended, the defendant refused to pay the remaining amount of 126,733 yuan after paying only part of the cost. The plaintiff repeatedly urged to no avail, and reluctantly brought the foundation company to court.

After the case was accepted, the contractor found that the evidence of the arrears was flawed, but the facts of the arrears were positive. Therefore, he repeatedly contacted the defendant who was outside the country to communicate the evidence exchange and defense mediation. However, the defendant Repeatedly refused to cooperate on the grounds of inconvenience. After careful analysis and judgment, the contractor considered from the perspective of the parties that the dispute settlement effect in Yixing, Jiangsu, where the defendant is located may be better. After arriving in Yixing, Jiangsu, the judge finally met the defendant and began to communicate and coordinate with the defendant. The explanation was reasonable and bitter. In the end, the two sides reached a settlement and negotiated to pay the arrears.

Afterwards, the contractor said: "Although the case is small and the contradictions are not great, the key is how to resolve the matter to the end. Someone feels worthless to mediate such a small case thousands of miles away, but do n’t forget the masses’ interests. Nothing trivial! Seeing the parties shake hands and make peace, the case is settled, which is our joy and happiness as judges. "

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