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Henan Nursing Vocational College successfully completed the first examination of the Ministry of Education 1 + X Care for the Elderly

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Henan Nursing Vocational College successfully completed the first examination of the Ministry of Education 1 + X Care for the Elderly

On December 21, Henan Nursing Vocational College organized the 1 + X Care Test for the Elderly with Dementia. This exam is the first time that our college has organized an exam since it was selected as a pilot institution of the 1 + X certificate system by the Ministry of Education.

In October 2019, after being identified by the Ministry of Education as the second batch of 1 + X certificate system pilot institutions, our school actively selected experts in related fields and subject leaders to participate in the training of teachers, examiners, and examination technicians organized by the evaluation organization. , And actively applied for assessment sites, and then our hospital filed as the first batch of prefecture-level colleges and universities to take care of the demented elderly care, and was identified by the Provincial Department of Education as the pilot unit for the vocational level certificate of care for the demented elderly.

In order to make the pilot work of the 1 + X certificate system progress smoothly, our college actively organizes students to register for the first certificate examination of vocational skills for the care of the elderly with dementia. In order to ensure the quality of training and improve the pass rate of students, 470 candidates were selected during the registration There are 100 outstanding students to take this exam. On December 21, led by the Adult Education Office and coordinated by the Academic Affairs Office, with the close cooperation of the Nursing Department, the Public Discipline Department, the Network Center, and the Logistics Department, the examination task was successfully completed. I wish students good grades!

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