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Xiaoqikong Town, Libo: "333" working method focused on building small towns with characteristics

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In recent years, in order to implement the development direction and strategic positioning of the "wide tourism" of the county party committee and county government, Xiaoqikong Town has given full play to the spirit of eagerness, courage, and hard work, and actively considered, dared to innovate, seize opportunities, and buried themselves Hard work, through the "333" work method to build small towns with rural characteristics.

Lianshan Bay Tourist Sightseeing Belt

"Three transformations" in thought

The first is to shift from "rush construction" to "planning construction"

In the process of constructing a beautiful village, Xiaoqikong Town adheres to "seven-strength planning and three-strength construction", insisting on planning first, then designing and finally constructing, and using planning and design to improve the level of construction.

The second is the transition from homogeneous development to classified implementation

Adhere to the advancing principle of "overall planning, classified guidance, and progressive implementation." Combined with the natural endowment, township conditions, economic strength, and living habits of the rural areas within the township, the full coverage is finally achieved.

The third is to take the initiative to transform from government promotion to farmers

Adhering to the principle of "who benefits, who invests, who participates, and who enjoys", it actively guides grassroots cadres and farmers to actively participate in construction. Focus on the establishment of a sharing mechanism to allow the masses to participate in planning, design, and investment, so as to motivate the masses to participate in the planning and construction of their hometown.

Xiaoqi Kong Theater held financial support personnel "big return"

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