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Qiqihar food recipes, Qiqihar eight flavors

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Qiqihar, from the perspective of gastronomy, belongs to Heilongjiang cuisine. Longjiang cuisine is known for its cooked mountain vegetables, game, meat and poultry, and freshwater fish and shrimp. It has the rich and mellow characteristics of the northern country. Come and see the 8 flavors of Qiqihar.


How can Qiqihar Barbecue, which is famous all over the country, not be thick? A baking pan, a pot of mixed meat, relatives and friends sit in a circle, drink in large bowls, eat meat in large mouths. Qiqihaer barbecue, "the only thing you can't think of, nothing you can't grill" is all the rage.

Unlike other series of grilled meats, the most important thing is to "stir". Shallots, ginger, and garlic should not be less. Pickled with salt, the hands must be accurate. There are oil mixes, iron baking pans, less oily sticks, and more oily smoke. Almost every family has a master of meat mixing, so that the cuisine can be passed on. Essential cold dishes for barbecues: edamame, peanuts, cucumbers!

Kill pig

As soon as you hear the name, you know that this dish is thick and oily. In recent years, people in the village have killed a pig. The waist and legs are all good things. How to eat the remaining fat? That's it!

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