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Dongxiao area: Dongfa project realizes the first sign of going out to hometown

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"I am a member of the Communist Party of China. I want to vote for the construction of my hometown." On the morning of December 23, people moved in the demolition company, and Zhang Zailing, a relocation household in Geding Village, signed the relocation agreement. And printed with bright red fingerprints, became the first person to sign the Dongfa District B project agreement.

Zhang Zailing is a native of Geding Village. He went out to work and settled in the field many years ago. He strongly supported the relocation project of Block B in Dongfa Community. After learning that the five houses involved in the home have been identified, five deliberately He returned to his hometown from Wuxi and signed his own name for the construction of his hometown.

In order to smoothly advance the B project in Dongfa Community and create a fiery atmosphere of relocation, Chen Qingjun, a member of the Standing Committee of the District Committee and the commander of Dongxiao District, personally sat in command, communicated with the people involved in the relocation, and promoted the orderly relocation of the project. All frontline cadres in the Dongxiao area adhere to the "three guarantees and three places in place" working principle, and follow the working system of "one meeting every day, one meeting on three days, and one schedule every Monday". A large amount of preliminary work has improved the efficient service for the people involved, and it bodes well for this project.

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