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Behind the Zhongying Connected Mining Disputes: Capital Player Guo Changwei's Debt

Information source: MCwXqsmNx

The new owner Li Hualiang becomes the bitter master?

After the capital player Guo Changwei successfully withdrew from Zhongying Internet (002464.SZ) and transferred the controlling right to Li Hualiang, the founder of Xuanzun Network, Zhongying Internet began to fall into a series of disputes. Recently, the blockchain story of Zhongying Interconnection has not been finished yet, because of a 500 million mining machine sales contract, Zhejiang Ebang, which plans to go to the United States for listing, is on the court.

On December 20, Zhongying Interconnection was subject to regulatory inquiry for a dispute over a 500 million mining machine sales contract with Zhejiang Yibang. The day before the inquiry, Zhongying Interconnect announced that the dispute between its wholly-owned subsidiary Cailiang Technology and the Zhejiang Yibang and Yunnan Yibang mining machinery sales contracts was suspected of contract fraud. Cailiang Technology has reported this to the Chaoyang Branch of the Beijing Public Security Bureau. Report the case and submit the report materials. At present, the Chaoyang Sub-Bureau has filed suspected contract fraud cases such as Zhejiang Yibang, and the case is still under investigation.

After the announcement of the Zhongying Internet report, Zhejiang Yibang, the parent company of Zhejiang Yibang, and Zhejiang Yibang Communication Technology, issued a response statement on its official micro, revealing the entire process of their transactions with the listed company, and stated that they had all delivered. In addition, Zhejiang Yibang also filed a real-name report to the CSRC regarding the public purchase of its servers by Zhongying Internet.

The above disputes quickly aroused regulatory concerns, and sent a letter asking the public to explain the specifics of their transaction contract with Zhejiang Yibang, and also required the listed company to explain the commercial nature of the transaction, whether it is in line with business logic, and whether there are non-operating occupations. Listed company funds and other situations that harm the interests of listed companies and investors.

500 million contract mystery

According to the announcement, the above-mentioned sales contract occurred in March 2018, when Cailiang Technology signed sales contracts with Zhejiang Yibang and Yunnan Yibang for the purchase of 90,000 and 10,000 cloud computing servers, respectively, with a total contract price of 504 million yuan. After the contract was signed, Cailiang Technology paid the above-mentioned companies the sales contract price.

As of September 11, 2018, Cailiang Technology has paid a total contract price of 380 million yuan to Zhejiang Yibang and 20 million yuan to Yunnan Yibang. Cailiang Technology said that after paying the above price, Cailiang Technology actually received 65,000 cloud computing servers from Zhejiang Yibang (corresponding payment was 327.6 million yuan), but did not receive cloud computing servers from Yunnan Yibang.

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