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422 cases of rabies, 410 deaths, 30% did not bleed after being bitten

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The results of the rabies statistics for 2018 came out, a bit amazing!

According to the “National Epidemic Situation of Notifiable Communicable Diseases in 2018” issued by the National Health and Health Commission ’s Bureau of Disease Control and Prevention, the incidence of rabies in China in 2018 was 422 and the death toll was 410. ①

What is the concept of this number?

First, the number of rabies deaths is similar to that of hepatitis B.

As we all know, China is a "hepatitis B country". According to the "National Epidemic Situation of Legal Infectious Diseases in China in 2018", the number of hepatitis B cases in China in 2018 was 999,985. In comparison, rabies can only be regarded as a "small disease". However, the number of deaths from hepatitis B is 413, and rabies is only 3 fewer than this ...

Second, the rabies mortality rate is over 97%, which is extremely high!

According to 2018 figures, the death rate of rabies is about 97.16%, which is close to 100%!

At present, rabies is the disease with the highest case fatality rate in the world. There is no effective treatment for it. Once it occurs, the mortality rate is almost 100%. According to the World Health Organization, about 55,000 people worldwide die from rabies every year, that is, one death every 10 minutes.

How does rabies cause death?

The rabies virus invaded the human body through the wound, and proliferated in the muscles near the wound; then the virus moved to the ganglia and proliferated in the ganglion, moving to the spinal cord along the nerve conduction mode; then, the virus infected the brain and body tissues, and the patient became ill death. It progresses rapidly after the onset of disease, usually within 5 days from onset to death.

Once a person is infected with rabies virus, symptoms such as fear of water, wind, light, pharyngeal muscle spasm, drooling, etc. often occur. When a patient sees water, hears water, or hears the word "water", muscle spasms occur. Although the patient is very thirsty, he does not dare to drink water and cannot swallow when drinking water. This is why rabies is also called "water phobia" s reason.

Now there are more and more people who raise dogs and cats, and many people walk their dogs without a rope or vaccinate their pets, causing pets to scratch and bite people.

In this way, the hidden dangers of rabies are planted.

Do you think it's okay to break the skin and not bleed?

31% of rabies has no bleeding!

Don't assume that bleeding is only serious if bitten by a dog. In fact, it is equally dangerous to be bitten and not bleeding after being caught!

In July 2017, the China Disease Prevention and Control Information System reported a case of rabies in Minhang District, Shanghai-a pet dog slightly bite the back of his hand without bleeding, and died two months later!

On the afternoon of May 6, 2017, 38-year-old Yao Moumou, who lived in a community in Jiangchuan Road, Minhang, was resting on a lounge chair in front of his house, and was bitten by the seemingly normal pet dog in the community. Bleeding. On the same day, Yao Moumou performed wound cleaning and disinfection by himself. No other treatment was performed. He was not vaccinated against rabies before he became ill.

Who knows that more than two months later, on the evening of July 12, Yao Moumou began to experience symptoms such as mental excitement, difficulty swallowing, fear of wind, light, water, irritability, irritability, and chest compressions. . Although rescued later, he died in the early morning of July 18.

According to "Analysis of Rabies Epidemics in China 2017" published in the Chinese Journal of Epidemiology in 2019, among the 167 cases of rabies reported in 2017, the combined proportion of Grade I exposure and Grade Ⅱ exposure reached 31.14%. ②

The so-called Ⅰ exposure, Ⅱ exposure, and Ⅲ exposure refer to the risk of rabies in human-to-animal contact, of which the Ⅲ exposure has the highest risk.

Level Ⅰ exposure is one of the following:

① contact or feed animals;

② Intact skin is licked;

③ Intact skin contacts the secretions or excreta of rabies animals or human rabies cases.

Level Ⅱ exposure is one of the following:

① The exposed skin was bitten;

②Slight scratches or abrasions without bleeding.

Level III exposure is one of the following:

① One or more bites or scratches that penetrate the skin;

② The damaged skin is licked;

③ Open wounds or mucous membranes are contaminated with saliva;

④ exposed to bats.

Therefore, contact with saliva or urine of rabies animals may be infected!

According to the "Technical Guide for Rabies Prevention and Control (2016 Edition)", if the skin is intact, confirm that the contact method is reliable, and no treatment is required. However, if you are bitten or scratched, even if there is no bleeding, rabies vaccination is also recommended. ③

Stay away from rabies, remember 1234

Rabies is terrible, but it is completely preventable, depending on whether you want to do these things.

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