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Fangshan County's two works won the province's endeavour to escape from poverty in the new age

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Recently, the collection and selection of outstanding photographic works under the theme of “Striving for a New Eradication of Poverty and a Well-off – Telling the Story of Shanxi Poverty Alleviation” jointly organized by the Shanxi Provincial Office for Poverty Alleviation and Development, Shanxi Daily Newspaper Group, and Shanxi Photographers Association came to an end. The work "Enjoying the Fortune of Sunshine" and "The employment at home is really good" recommended by our county's poverty alleviation office won the excellent award.

Enjoy the wealth of sunshine Photo by Xiao Jiwang

A total of more than 2,370 works (groups) were received for this event, and a total of 5 first prizes (groups), 8 second prizes (groups), 10 third prizes (groups), and 50 outstanding awards (groups) were selected. ). Since the solicitation on August 10 this year, it has received the enthusiastic participation of the majority of poverty alleviation workers and photography enthusiasts. As of September 10, the organizing committee has received more than 2,370 (group) works. According to the selection requirements, 638 photographic works with typical, story, authenticity and integrity participated in the review. In the end, 73 outstanding photographic works stood out.

The employment at the door is so good. Photo by Yang Yingping

These photographic works used lenses and text to provide a panoramic and multi-perspective recording of the moving moments and moving deeds that emerged during the struggle between the vast number of cadres and the poor in poverty-stricken areas in our province, and created a strong “decisive battle, decisive victory” from all walks of life. Atmosphere.

Source: Fangshan Today

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