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World of Warcraft: nostalgic crater four-color mine, neglected material

Information source: MCwXqsmNx

Hello everyone, I'm half drunk. As the old saying goes, if you have money, you can walk around the world without money. This is still the last word in nostalgia. Coupled with the current version, the content is relatively low. But players still have their own ways of playing. For example, those who like pk fights, various wild groups fight on the battlefield. I like to copy, here refers to myself, research various brushing methods. There are also many people who are very enthusiastic about making money. That's right, today's theme.

Today's issue brings you to Un'Goro Crater. This place has a mission to collect four colored crystals. These several colors of crystals are basically scattered throughout the crater map. But most of them focus on the bottom right corner of the map. This is where many raptors come together.

Many people certainly don't agree. How much money can these things make? I figured out the price of our server. An hour is about 20 gold coins. These 20 gold coins are really not an hour for a full-level player. But this money can be regarded as an additional income.

My trumpet brushes missions in the craters. I saw a lot of full-sized Queens here to brush fire elements, or to guard the Tyrannosaurus Rex here, brush the orangutan to skin. Mining and flowers. All this is to make money. But they ignored this four-color crystal and also had good gains. I took a look at the auction house, except that the price of the red crystal was slightly lower. Several other prices are good. The price of green is the highest. It can sell up to 60 silvers, and one crystal can be collected from one to three. On average, one mine is two.

Another trick is to use the plane to brush this. These materials are more popular on our popular server. A few of my materials were hung up in seconds. I have forgotten this material and I haven't handed in the task. Fortunately, the material was not difficult to collect. Even if you make a little money, it doesn't matter if you do the task again.

Many professions of nostalgia are still relatively unfair. Mage can make money by bringing people to blame. Hunters can brush all kinds of equipment on behalf of them, and also have good profits. Various thieves steal boxes and steal BOSS. Fighting professions such as soldiers, it is not easy to make money without saying that it is not easy to make money. This method is also more suitable for those casual players, or those who have difficulty earning money.

Of course, this is not necessarily suitable for you. It is nothing more than a reference for everyone. What if it is suitable for you?

Alright, that ’s it for today ’s issue, thanks for watching, thank you!

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