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"I'm Not the Medicine God" and "Operation Red Sea" won the "Top Ten Film Productions of the Year"

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Director Lu Chuan issued a certificate for a screenwriter who won the first Chinese Youth Screenwriter Support Program. (Photo by Ji Dong)

China News Network, Guangdong News, December 21st (Ji Dong) On December 20th, the "10th China Film Association Cup and the 1st China Film Festival Promotion Night" was held in Guangzhou. Senior filmmakers Ding Yinnan, Zhang Sitao, Reed, Xu Huanshan, Tao Zeru, Yang Yaya, Lu Chuan, Na Renhua, Yue Hong, Cong Shan, Huang Dan, Mei Feng, Shu Huan, Jiang Defu, Tang Ke, Chen Hongwei, etc. attended the promotion night.

A total of 10 outstanding film writers won the "Top Ten Dramas of the Year at the 10th China Film Association Cup" that night. They came from the films "I'm not a medicine god", "Allahange", "Red Sea Action", "Village Play", and "The Deserted City". "The Fellow and His Daughter", "A Good Show", "Dog Thirteen", "Then Us" and "Living Together".

The 10th China Film Association Cup and the 1st China Film Festival Promotion Night "(Ji Dong Photography)

At the event site, the top five screenwriters of the first Chinese youth film screenwriter support plan were also announced. They were Cheng Yao's "Ball Balls Are White", Zhang Qi's "Story for Tigers", Chu Jinwei's "Lonely Wall", Jing Congjia's "Canary Birds" Chen Liyu, Our Secrets. These five best young screenwriters will get one-on-one guidance from scriptwriters such as Reed, Huang Dan, Lu Chuan, Mei Feng, Shu Huan, etc., and their projects will receive support from post-production and equipment rental. The production agency signs a creative agreement. The other five top ten screenwriters are: Song Yue, Shao Ran, Yang Mengyuan, Zhang Guanguan, and Li Shuping.

Senior filmmaker who participated in the 10th China Film Association Cup and the first night of the China Film Festival. (Photo by Ji Dong)

It is reported that "The 10th China Film Association Cup and the 1st Night Film Project Promotion Night" was sponsored by the Chinese Filmmakers Association, the Film Channel Program Center, the Propaganda Department of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, the China Federation of Literary and Art Film Center, and the Film Literary Creation of the China Film Association. Committee, Publicity Department of Zengcheng District Committee of the CPC Guangzhou City, Beijing Langtian Zhongsheng International Culture Media Co., Ltd., China Film Screenwriter Research Institute, Jinan University Art College / Pearl River Film Academy, Youth Film Studio, Guangzhou Dawan District Culture Co-organized by the Communication Promotion Center. (Finish)

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