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Featured new Apple store design in Miami

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Foster + Partners recently completed its latest Apple store in Miami with a wavy white concrete roof, borrowing from the city's Art Deco architecture. Apple Aventura is a boxy two-story building with glass walls and trees inside, following the aesthetics of many stores designed by Foster + Partners for Apple.

On this project, they worked closely with former Apple Chief Design Officer Jonathan Ive. Ive left Apple earlier this year. "For me, this store is 'Miami'-with special trees, lights, and a new roof. It's the essence of Apple, combining the outdoor lifestyle with the freedom and creativity inherent in the way we work," Ive said. Together. "

At the same time, the wavy roof at the top of the building draws on the modernist architectural style of Miami's South Beach in the 1930s, featuring white concrete, curved walls and geometric details. "The language and materials of the Apple Aventura Mall are inspired by Miami's white art deco tradition and climate, making it an expression of locality and culture," said Stefan Behling, studio director of Foster + Partners.

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