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Toyota's overbearing 4000, off-road representative formidable power won it the title of "Desert Eagle"

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Is the parallel import car Prado 4000 Middle East really affordable? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the standard car? After two hours of initial experience, Prado 4000 Middle East Edition impressed us. Nineteen overbearing 4000 models imported in parallel are one of the outstanding representatives of classic luxury SUVs. Although it has been replaced several times, its noble temperament and use performance have not diminished. It has the luxury of luxury cars and the utility of off-road vehicles. In the 1990s, the famous four-wheel-drive king Rand Cool Road Ze welcomed a new branch-Toyota Dominance 4000. The car, as its name suggests, will never run out of road in front of Toyota's overbearing. Domineering 4000 was born for off-road, travelling through rugged and rugged, and deeply imprinted the figure of Wei An into the memory of the world. Let's go and see now!

Overbearing 4000 19 VX plug-in velvet

Middle East-Existing Car

Features: Sunroof, nine-air baggage rack, colorful instrument, xenon headlight, LED daytime running light, 150L large fuel tank, front bar, headlight cleaning, main and auxiliary driving, electric seat, tread body, chrome three-zone automatic air-conditioning, 400 meters, remote start, 18-inch wheels

Standard: Smart card refrigerator, electric folding rearview mirror, seven velvet seats, tire pressure detection, multi-function steering wheel, fixed-speed cruise, high-speed four-wheel drive and low-speed four-wheel drive, switch to second gear, medium difference, stable body, slope assist, headlight height adjustment, large screen reflection

The 19 Toyota Domineering 4000 Middle East version still has the front intake grille and headlights on the front face. The headlights use a flat design similar to the current Landcool, which is more sharp and aggressive. The Chinese mesh has been upgraded from a current inverted trapezoid to a hexagon. The classic five-vertical banner and wide chrome grille make the entire head look more luxurious and closer to urbanization.

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