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8 good habits to make men more and more spoil you, how many do you do?

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Married for a long time,

There is an essential lack of passion between husband and wife,

Communication between each other has become less and less.


You wonder if this life is the happiness you want.

But happiness doesn't happen overnight

But to create it by ourselves.

Want to run a good marriage,

Make men better and better for you,

These 8 good habits can help you! Let's take a look together ~

1. restart dating at night

Freshness is a necessity for a happy marriage. Choose something you haven't done before, such as hiking, taking a cooking class or going to the playground, dating and eating at your favorite restaurant every week, etc., to inject some fresh elements into your marriage life.

When you do these things, dopamine in your body increases, which is a chemical that promotes mood.

2. Talk about your fond memories

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