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"Feng Girl" Yang Caiyu's clothing is too high! How to simply wear the texture of departure style?

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On December 20, the film "Only Yun Knows" starring Huang Xuan and Yang Caiyu was also the first time in Feng Xiaogang's film to be the only one after Feng Hua.

Yang Caiyu's clothes in life are very outstanding, and her overall style is biased towards Hong Kong style, which also makes her a retro goddess label. Her beauty is restrained and quiet, and her clothes have helped her a lot. Today, let ’s read how to dress like Yang Caiyu's out-of-port style!

Vests in the vest line love to show their waists

Yang Caiyu was born in dance, and his waist line is very smooth. Therefore, she often chooses short tops with high waist pants, which can highlight the figure and stretch the waist line.

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