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Current location: Home__Serbia refugee boat sinks, 6 people missing

Six people missing in Serbian refugee boat

Information source: MCwXqsmNx

According to Serbian local media Pink TV, at about 6 am local time on December 23, local time, a boat overturned on the Danube in the village of Karavukvo, Vojvodina Province, Serbia, and six people were missing. Including 4 adults and 2 children, the hope of survival is slim, and search and rescue work is ongoing.

It is reported that the refugees on board this ship tried to travel from Serbia to Croatia, and the incident occurred on the Serbian border area, close to Odzak, the border city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. (CCTV reporter Zhang Ying)

(Edited by Jin Lvcheng)

(This article is reproduced from CCTV News Client)

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