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What to do if I can't sleep

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Nowadays, people's pressure is generally increasing, and more and more people have affected daily life due to stress. Most people will experience palpitations and sleeplessness during sleep, so what should I do if my palpitations don't feel sleepy?

What to do if I can't sleep

1. Improve the sleeping environment. When you sleep, let the air flow in the room, the temperature is moderate, and the light should not be too glare and bright. The quiet, clean and comfortable environment of the bedding is more suitable for people to fall asleep quickly.

2. Be emotionally stable. We must maintain a stable mood, control our mood, sorrow and joy, and avoid excessive emotional fluctuations before going to bed. When daily negative emotions occur, you need to vent in a timely and scientific way. You can find a place to cry, or you can communicate with relatives and friends to keep yourself relaxed and happy. This way you can quickly go to sleep at night.

3. Regularity of daily life. Regular lifestyle is one of the ways to regulate insomnia. In your daily life, study or work, you should develop a healthy lifestyle and keep your sleep regular and not disordered. You can get up and sleep on time every day, and set a scientific and reasonable schedule. This palpitations can also be relieved.

4. Sleep position is correct. The correct sleeping position can also improve our insomnia. Try not to sleep with your head covered, and do not use some more twisted posture to sleep. Generally, the correct sleeping position is to lie on the right side with moderate pillows and a relaxed way to sleep can promote better sleep.

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