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[Funny]: Listening to the sound of creaking tape, looking at the intimate wife, is so happy

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[Chicken leg joke] 1. After taking a shower, my daughter-in-law handed me a new towel and dried it out. My daughter-in-law took a roll of scotch tape and said slyly: Generally, new towels will lose hair. Husband, come here, I will help you clean it up. . Listening to the sound of creaking tape, and then look at the intimate wife, don't mention how happy it is!

[Jick-leg joke] Second, the little sister-in-law fainted while shopping with his girlfriend. In the hospital, his girlfriend said in shock: he had fainted and scared me! I joked and asked my sister-in-law: Didn't you usually blow yourself up? How come you've been dizzy for so long? !! After seeing his girlfriend go to the bathroom, the boy reluctantly replied: I was not dizzy because I was shopping, I was afraid to continue shopping, I can only eat sesame cake this month!

[Jick leg joke] 3. Lele is more handsome, but he likes playing games all day. When he meets his girlfriend with Laozhangren, Laozhangren says: Come, young man, accompany uncle to kill two games. Put it all together, there is a full set of horses, horses, and guns on Laozhangren's side. There is only one handsome man on his side. Laozhangren took a deep breath and said, "Yeah, how can you play handsome?"

[Jick leg joke] Fourth, I remember passing the girl's dormitory when I was a junior. Suddenly exclaimed upstairs, looking up, a stick fell from the sky, I quickly dodged. When I was angry, I looked up and scolded: Which little hoof is it that will harm this man? At this time, a fat girl in a dormitory window leaned out of her head, and she said to me, sir, please pick up things for me, I still want to eat! I looked down to the ground and I went! Isn't this sugar cane?

[Brain brain teaser]: It takes three minutes for three children to eat three cakes, and how long does it take for ninety children to ninety cakes? In particular, the pictures in the text are from the Internet!

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