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NBA stars are physically strong, but they are younger brothers than rugby players

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We are all in the NBA as the gathering place of the world's basketball. Those who can play basketball in the NBA are all top basketball players. Playing basketball in the NBA has a strong physical confrontation, so the body must be muscular. Don't look at Curry. Irving is relatively short in the league. When they take off their clothes, they also have a muscle. If basketball players are committed to fitness, their muscles are even scarier. However, compared with the sports of rugby players, the gap between basketball players' stature is also very large.

We all know that James is the first person in the league, and he has the peak technology at the age of 35. This is related to his figure, the whole body is muscular, and there is not much fat.

Howard ’s nickname in the league is "Warcraft". The reason why it is called Warcraft is because his physical fitness is very explosive. Although he is 34 years old, his physical fitness is still in front of the league. We can see that the muscle lines are very obvious and evenly distributed. This is the figure, and easily scored under the basket.

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