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Yifengyisu is now effective! Have you noticed the changes in the village of Jingjing?

Information source: MCwXqsmNx

On December 20th, Jingxian County held a centralized publicity event in Baiwangzhuang Village, Shang'an Town, “Advancing the Customs and Changing the Customs, Establishing a Civilized Township”. At the event site, the staff distributed propaganda materials to the villagers, explaining the knowledge of changing customs and customs, and investigating opinions and suggestions on improving the situation of moving customs and customs during home visits.

"Now customs have changed a lot, folk activities, red and white events have all changed, saving a lot of money, we are very supportive of changing customs and customs," said the villagers of Baiwangzhuang Village, Shang'an Town.

The special work of shifting customs and customs is closely linked to the realities of production and living in rural areas and the ideological reality of farmers. By focusing on the work of shifting customs and customs in rural areas, the social bad habits of rural red and white wedding events, sky-high price gifts, blind comparisons, and gifts and money collection have gradually disappeared. Fewer people, more aunts dancing square dances, fewer illegal acts and disciplinary actions, and villagers have more activities to read and study collectively.

Today's Baiwangzhuang Village conducts in-depth evaluations of "ten-star civilized households", "the most beautiful families", "beautiful courtyards", "good mother-in-law", "good daughter-in-law", "the most beautiful farmhouses", as well as moral models and recommendations from good people around them. Participate in the construction of family style and be a successor of good family style.

"Eradicate extravagance and waste, and advocate a scientific and civilized life concept. I believe that through our continuous publicity, we will allow everyone to understand more about changing customs and customs, and will definitely promote a great improvement in rural civilization." Du Yanlong, a staff member of the Civilization Office, said.

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