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Do n’t squeeze in circles

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Share the emotional beauty of chicken soup in the heart every day, and understand the philosophy and true meaning of life

Text / Chen Xi emotional heart quotes

Do n’t squeeze hard,

It is difficult to belittle oneself for others;

Do n’t cross the threshold,

If you cross the door, you can't cross it.

Do n’t do things that you ca n’t do,

If you change your mind, you may do more with less.

Do n’t take things hard,

Even if you get it temporarily, you lose it.

On the road of life,

Often wandering on a fork,

Just take the wrong step,

May affect the future of life.

When no one knows what they are giving,

Don't confess

When no one knows his value,

Don't show off

When no one appreciates his talents,

do not be discouraged;

When no one understands their interests,

Don't be confused.

It is fortunate to be understood,

Not being understood is not necessarily unfortunate.

Be a low-key person,

You will be more robust than ever;

Do something high-profile,

You will be better every time.

Knowing a person depends on fate,

Understand that a person depends on patience,

Conquering a person depends on wisdom,

Harmony depends on tolerance.

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