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Why is the distant "Star Citizen" so fun?

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In the fast-changing 21st century, the development of electronic technology is very fast. For games, ordinary games just just improve the picture quality and can't satisfy the current Azhai, so a large number of era games have also emerged. Compared to ordinary games, whether it is modeling or AI's intelligent algorithm, it is not a little bit higher, but there is such a game that can be said to be a wonderful work, super crowdfunding, seven years of development, but still Just beta. That's right, Star Citizen.

The game has raised more than 256 million US dollars in crowdfunding so far, and the beta version has also reached ALPHA 3.8. With the update of the version, a lot of content has been displayed. It is a PC exclusive game, a first-person space simulation large-scale online game, which also represents ultra-high-demand computer configuration, i7 processor, at least 16GB of system memory, and solid-state hard disk-level storage bandwidth and I / O speed.

In "Star Citizen" you will see a more real universe. At the same time, this universe is infinite. It will also spawn countless planets. Each planet is different in gravity and running trajectory. It is interesting to switch Maps are not loaded like traditional games. As we all know, interstellar transition requires the spacecraft to reach the speed of light, and this acceleration process does not have any loading screen, which means that you are outside the game.

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