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Fans insulted the players in public, and the reasoners were suspended for two games. What is this operation?

Information source: MCwXqsmNx

Yesterday's game against the 76ers vs. Wizards, Thomas could not stand the abuse of the fans on the spot

Rush into the stands and face him. Judging from the video screen, his emotions have been controlled relatively smoothly, and there is no unnecessary excessive behavior.

Afterwards, Thomas Jr. said that the fans raised two middle fingers at him and sprayed the swear word "F" three times. He was so angry that he asked him face to face, and he said, "I just want to eat free corn flakes ( Who didn't let you lose both penalties) ... "

Today, the league announced the penalty: Thomas Jr. was suspended for two games for rushing to the stands. The 76ers also officially banned two fans who abused Thomas Thomas from watching the game for one year. This is equivalent to playing 50 boards each.

In fact, Thomas Jr.'s performance was restrained and decent enough. Before being deported, he did not forget to bring his hair to the fans around him. After the game, he also wore an Iverson jersey to show respect for the city. .

The two fans had to be glad that they hadn't encountered Tzu Shiping of the year, otherwise, I'm afraid they would come in vertically and go out horizontally.

The experience of Thomas Jr. was not accidental. Wei Shao came to play in Philadelphia before and he was greeted by his mother with his middle finger in both hands.

The fan group is of course the parents of the players, but it does not mean that you pay for the tickets, you really become the player ’s grandfather.

You can ride on the neck of others to show off your strength. Whatever you do, you need to pay attention to a minimum of mutual respect. Is that such a reason?

The league just acts according to the rules, players will be punished if they rush into the stands without reason in the game, otherwise I am afraid that other players will follow suit.

But if I could, Thomas Jr. shouldn't be punished. really not easy. . .

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