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"Elite Lawyer" Dai Xi looks kind, but there is a huge flaw! Will cause trouble for Luo Bin

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The urban law drama "Elite Lawyer" continues to be popular. Until the development of the plot, several characters in the play have not yet brought a serious lawsuit.

However, the characters in "Elite Attorneys" are indeed all with distinctive personalities. When they collide together, they can spark a lot of drama.

Elite Lawyer Jin Dong as Luo Bin

At the beginning of the show, Luo Bin, played by Jin Dong, impressed the audience as calm, cold, and ruthless. He does not consider human circumstances, but only recognizes jurisprudence. Let everyone think that this is a character lacking in justice and caring.

However, in the subsequent plot, everyone gradually found out that the character of Luo Bin, in order to put on a cold look at work, actually just wanted to put a mask on himself in order to keep distance from others.

Elite Lawyer

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