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Tears! The Premier League captain who created a 22-second miracle in football, pays tribute to his mother after breaking the 8-month drought

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In the 18th round of the Premier League, Watford defeated Manchester United 2-0 at home, Thrall's shot caused a mistake by De Gea, Dini extended the penalty with a penalty, Watford ended the Premier League 5 games unbeaten, and achieved the first home victory of the season.

In this game, 31-year-old Watford captain Dini scored a penalty and scored his first Premier League goal since April this year. After scoring against Fulham on April 2 this year, Dini missed 12 Premier League games due to a red card suspension and knee injury, and did not score in nine English games.

After the match, Captain Dini was asked in an interview that there was no pressure to score in the Premier League for a long time, and Dini's answer was moving.

"The real pressure was when I was younger and saw my mother working three more jobs a day to support her livelihood during the Christmas holidays. This is football, do you understand what I mean? If I score Well, if I miss a goal, I miss it. It's not stress for me, it's real life. "

Dini joined Watford in 2010 with a transfer fee of 725,000 Euros. He has made 378 appearances for Watford and scored 124 goals. In May 2013, Dini once dominated the famous 22-second miracle of the British Championship, helping Watford to eliminate Leicester City in the semi-final of the English Premier League promotion playoffs.

This season, Watford only scored 12 points after 18 rounds and 6 points from the safety line. Dini's goal is to lead the team to complete the relegation.

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