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"Birthday" of a mobile phone

Information source: MCwXqsmNx

Cleaning the motherboard, attaching the diaphragm, welding the LED lights, installing the microphone, assembling the mobile phone casing ... On the Zhangye Xinzhan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. mobile phone production line, workers cooperated with each other through more than 20 procedures. The phone is assembled.

"Now we can complete an assembly volume of about 1,000 units per day. It is expected that after all production is completed, 5000 to 10,000 mobile phones will be assembled per day. When all production equipment is in place, we will also produce small appliances, wall breakers, robots, etc." Standing in the factory building, Gao Zengkai, assistant general manager of Zhangye Xinzhan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. introduced the company's future development direction to the reporter. "The first floor produces mobile phone cases, the second floor produces motherboards, and the third floor assembles mobile phones. A cell phone was 'born'. "

It is understood that Zhangye Xinzhan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a company registered and registered in Ganzhou District of Shenzhen Xinzhan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. on June 5, 2019. The company is located in Zhangye Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park, with a plant area of 10,000 square meters. Engaged in the R & D, assembly and production of mobile phones, mobile phone accessories, smart wearables, household appliance wall breakers, and smart rice cookers. The parent company has the core technology of the wall-breaking machine and a professional team of low-end mobile phones. The company plans to invest about 100 million yuan to build 10 mobile phone production lines, 6 household appliance assembly lines, 8 injection molding production lines, and 4 SMT production lines. After the production and operation, it can achieve an annual output value of about 100 million yuan and solve the employment of about 200 people.

Today in Ganzhou, there are many smart manufacturing companies like Zhangye Xinzhan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. In order to promote the rapid formation of the intelligent manufacturing industry cluster, Ganzhou District has stepped up investment promotion efforts, formulated various preferential policies to support the development of the intelligent manufacturing industry, and participated in and held various investment festivals to sign more than 40 companies with intentional investment agreements. Among them, 24 companies including Shenzhen Intech Technology Co., Ltd. have signed investment cooperation agreements with an investment of more than 3 billion yuan. Eleven companies such as Rongxin, Weibo, Longqi, Chuangze have settled in the park and opened for operation. , 300,000 mobile phones and 400,000 SMT patches produced have been exported to the Middle East, India and other places, and 100 "Zhangye" smart robots have been successfully rolled off the park.

The booming smart manufacturing industry has become the "new engine" for promoting high-quality development in Ganzhou District.

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