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I really did n’t expect that the original "+" sign on the upper right corner of WeChat can still judge true and false friends

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WeChat is a social software that everyone comes into contact with every day. Almost all things large and small are handled through WeChat. We can say that WeChat is not only a chat tool, but also a practical tool. So how many people know about the humble "+" sign in the upper right corner of WeChat? Many people only know that it is easy to scan. In fact, this "+" sign may also judge true and false friends. Let ’s take a look.

1. Judging true and false friends

As we all know, deleting a friend on WeChat does not delete it in both directions. Even if a friend deletes you, you don't know. This is called "true and fake friends". So how to judge? Click the "+" sign in the upper right corner of WeChat to start a group chat. If the invited friend refuses to join, the other party has deleted you.

2.Quick translation in Chinese and English

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