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It's cold, come and fix dinner with a large dish

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The weather is cold, and the cooking is too tired. After the last dish is cooked, the previous dishes are cold. It is better to cook in a pot, simple, convenient and nutritious! In fact, there are also routines for simmering. Some pork stew noodles, potato braised pork belly, and farm fish stew. Although they are all stews, there are many routines, but many children do not like this farm flavor. Dishes, and it ’s difficult to avoid too much oil in your own stew, so today I ’ll teach you a tomato stew!

Sophisticated matching, unique taste, and hard vegetables like beef and tomatoes, whether it is soup or rice, is a great choice, come and learn ~

Main material

Burdock 600g 4 tomatoes


Black tea 1 pinch chives moderate pepper pepper 1/2 spoon cooking wine 1 spoon salt 1 spoon half anise 2 ginger moderate spring onion moderate sugar 2 spoon boiling water moderate tomato sauce 2 spoon soy sauce 1 spoon

1. Prepare the raw materials, cut the green onion into sections, prepare the shallot flower, and slice the ginger.

2. Cut the burdock into cubes.

3. Cut tomatoes into hob pieces.

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