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Steal money or steal meals? Ninghai cracked 5 burglary cases! The year is near, beware of them

Information source: MCwXqsmNx

Near the end of the year

The thieves are starting to move

Seize this opportunity to "raise money" to prepare for the New Year

Recently, five consecutive cases of burglary occurred at the junction of Changjie Town and Liyang Town. The main means of committing the crimes was to climb the windows and use cash as the main target of theft. The amount of the case involved reached more than 20,000 yuan. Law and order have adverse effects. The Long Street Police Station and the Qingzhu Police Station quickly cracked a series of burglary cases of household burglars within a week, used the advantages of joint operations, cleverly controlled, and successfully arrested two criminal suspects on December 17.

Case review

On December 10, Qingzhu Police Station received an alarm from the masses, Dong Moumou, that a thief had been burglarized at home. After on-site investigation, the method used in the case was similar to the above case, and it was suspected that they were the same perpetrator. When questioning Dong Moumou, the police keenly grasped a key point-the food in the house had traces of food, and several plates and chopsticks were missing. So the police conducted a rigorous investigation of the scene, and traced the traces, and successfully found the discarded tableware in the nearby orange field. Using this as a breakthrough, the 30-year-old Hunan national suspect Long Moumou surfaced.

However, from the scene of the crime and the results of multi-party information research and judgment, the police believe that Long Moumou is unlikely to commit a crime alone. Then he started with Long Moumou to follow the vines, expand the scope of investigation, use video surveillance to find traces and integrate multiple parties. The information successfully identified another 28-year-old criminal suspect Ou Moumou, also a Hunan citizen. Since the two suspects had no permanent residence and their whereabouts were uncertain, the police subsequently placed control on their racks and successfully arrested them on the afternoon of December 17.

According to Long Moumou ’s account, at the night of December 9, when he was stealing from Dong Moumou ’s house, he saw that there was still food in the kitchen, and suddenly he felt hungry. I left the tableware in place, but I didn't expect to see any signs of it.

At present, the suspects Long Moumou and Ou Moumou have been criminally detained according to law, and the case is under further investigation.

Police reminder


Don't store a lot of cash at home: As the year approaches, many citizens are busy buying New Year's goods, and many citizens like to put some cash in their homes so that they can be used in a timely manner. Police remind citizens not to store a large amount of cash in their homes, and do not store valuables in drawers, cabinets and other places that attract attention.


The security upgrade of home door locks is very important: the key to preventing such technology from unlocking is to replace the door locks in the home with door locks with a higher safety factor than Class B. In addition, before going out and sleeping, be sure to unlock the anti-theft door. You can also insert the key from your home into the door lock to prevent thieves from unlocking it with tools.


Learn to put on a psychedelic array, and make use of the empty city plan: When the family goes out for a short time at night, it is best to turn on the lights. When the family goes out for a long time, they need to hang some clothes on the balcony and hang the bedroom curtains, making it difficult for criminals to judge If there is anyone in the monk, I dare not start.


Before going out and falling asleep, don't forget to check: all the doors and windows, exhaust vents, air-conditioning vents, etc. of the home should be checked frequently. If they are damaged, they must be repaired and replaced in time.


If you find a thief, don't panic: Once you go home and find that the doors and windows are obviously pryed, you should promptly call the police and ask your neighbors to monitor it on the spot, and promptly call the police to deal with it. Don't panic, don't rush into the house to prevent criminals from hurting yourself, and don't easily turn the scene. In any case, remember that personal safety is paramount!

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